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Sarah Crowson headshot.jpg

Sarah Crowson

Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member

At one point in Sarah’s childhood her mom was single while supporting 4 kids and worked two jobs to make ends meet. Life was financially tough, especially when needing to buy “extras” such as winter outerwear, items needed for school or holiday/birthday gifts. One year during winter holiday break, friends in their community brought them bags of food which provided much needed groceries and also gave Sarah’s mom the ability to buy each of her kids a small Christmas gift. Sarah will never forget that generous gesture and what it meant to her mom and siblings.


Sarah supports Nourish 282 to help families that were just like her family...who have hit a rough spot and need a little help. She wants the families Nourish serves to know that they matter and that people in their community care about them, while at the same time treating them with dignity.


Sarah lives in St Anthony with her husband, Frank, and two sons. She is a yoga and running enthusiast and is always up for connecting with others.

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