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Julie Pierce

Co-Founder, Board President and Executive Director

It was during her time as a volunteer at Wilshire Park Elementary that Julie noticed there were some obvious basic needs going unmet. Her first event in the fall of 2014 was a free store of head-to-toe winter outerwear for students in the St Anthony/New Brighton school district.


"That first event was eye opening. We were able to ascertain directly from families if they ever experienced food insecurity at home," said Julie. "I remember gently asking a mother that question. She hesitated to answer, until her daughter looked up and said, "You can tell her the truth Mom." At that moment Julie realized they needed to find a way to provide food relief, and understood the level of trust families were placing in front of them. That was where Nourish 282 was born.


Julie is most proud of two working principles. First is the fact that today Nourish 282 serves its clientele with the idea that inclusion and dignity should always come first. By providing grocery store gift cards, culturally specific food bags in the pantry, or delivering needed food and household items, she strives to provide services that help families have autonomy, dignity, and self choice. 


Secondly, Julie is most proud that Nourish collaborates with and is supported by local schools and churches, civic groups, emergency services, businesses, student groups, and of course her community. "It is the community that keeps Nourish serving," says Julie. "Without the support from every angle, we would not be able to do what we do!"


Julie lives in New Brighton with her husband Bob, two daughters, and a cute goldendoodle. She enjoys reading, authentic conversations, playing the piano, baking, and watching her girls do just about anything!

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