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Nourish 282 is happy to accept donation for any dollar amount, every dollar counts.

We need your help to ensure that families have access to healthy food options. Please donate to support a student today and consider the 'monthly' give option. 

Donations may also be mailed to:

Nourish 282

3301 Silver Lake Road

St. Anthony, MN  55418

Attn: Community Services


Please make checks payable to Nourish 282.

Nourish Get Involved Page Project based giving photo.png

At Nourish, we understand that families know what they most need and that they should have the dignity of choice. That's why we provide $50 per student each month, with a family cap of $250, in the form of a grocery store gift card.

How your donation is utilized:

$50          Supports a family with 1 student for one month

$100        Supports a family with 2 students for one month

$250       Supports a family with 5+ students for one month

$500       Supports pantry purchases for one month

$1,000    Supports pantry purchases for two months

$1,800     Supports a family with 3 students for one year

$3,000    Supports a family with 5+ students for one year

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