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10x10 Summer Giving Campaign

Ending Food Instability, $10 at a Time

At Nourish, we know that even the smallest donations add up to a big 

community impact. This summer, we’re asking you to complete a 10x10:

Ten “$10 moments” to raise at least $100 for Nourish. 

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Creating Your $10 Moments

A “$10 Moment” is a single event or outreach that generates a donation of at least $10. This could be as simple as:

  • Asking a friend or relative to donate $10

  • Selling a few unused items from around the house

  • Mowing a neighbor’s lawn 

  • Hosting a bake sale or lemonade stand

  • A creative idea of your own design!

Make sure to follow us on social media for more ideas and inspiration!

How to Participate

  • Sign up here - please fill out a separate form for each participant!

  • Get your collection envelope from one of the locations below, or request one when you sign up (optional - you can participate without one!)

  • Complete your 10x10 between June 1 and August 31

  • Make sure you share your $10 Moments on social media using #Nourish10x10 (Please note that we may share your moment on our platform)

  • Submit your collection envelope using any of the options listed below

  • Attend the 10x10 end of campaign celebration - details to come!

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Collection Envelopes

Envelopes are available to record your $10 Moments and collect your donations. We'll be recognizing some special achievements at our celebration (think: most creative Moment, etc), so join the fun by filling one out!


Here's how you can get one:​

  • Check your front door: envelopes will be dropped off at homes in late May

  • Pick up at any of the following locations:

    • St. Anthony Community Center

    • Wilshire Park - main office

    • St. Anthony Middle School - main office

    • St. Anthony High School - main office

  • Request one when you sign up, or by emailing, and we'll mail you one or drop one off​

  • You can also print the tracking sheet yourself here:

Returning Your Donations

You've completed your ten $10 Moments, you've raised $100 or more - now you just need to return it to Nourish 282!​

Collection envelopes and other donations can be mailed to:

Nourish 282

3301 Silver Lake Road

St. Anthony, MN 55418

Envelopes that do not contain cash can also be put into the Community Center/City Hall drop box. All checks should be made out to Nourish 282.

To request to have your envelope picked up, please email

Donations can also be submitted online here:

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Building Community

Nourish 282 is all about our community, and the 10x10 giving campaign is no different. Here are some ways to connect with others and help spread the word as you create your $10 Moments:

  • Follow us on social media!

  • Share photos of your $10 Moments using #Nourish10x10 - we'll be watching, and looking for moments to recognize at our end of campaign celebration! (Please note that we may share your moment on our platforms)

  • Attend the end of campaign celebration to enjoy some refreshments with your neighbors and recognize some special Moments - watch your email/social media and check back here for more info.

  • Use any of these printables during your moments to tell people what you’re doing and why, and encourage them to participate in the 10x10 giving campaign!

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  • Facebook
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